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Crafting Your Wine's Perfect Home

Where Every Bottle Belongs.

Custom Built Wine Storage, Racks, Cellars and Cabinets

Servicing Austin Texas

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

From Vine to Cellar – Vino Spaces Transforms Your Collection into Art.


Welcome to Vino Spaces, the heart of Austin, Texas, where unparalleled wine storage solutions meet the vibrant lifestyle of our city. Founded by the visionary duo Justin and Megan LaPree, Vino Spaces offers custom-designed wine cellars, racks, and cabinets that not only ensure the optimal preservation of your collection but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living or commercial spaces.

Justin and Megan LaPree started with Wine Cellars Unlimited, recognizing early on the growing need for personalized wine storage in Austin as it expanded rapidly. Vino Spaces was born out of a desire to cater to this evolving market, offering durable, stylish solutions for displaying wine collections. Our commitment is to craft wine storage that complements the aesthetic of any space while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Understanding that each wine collector has their unique preferences, Vino Spaces is dedicated to creating wine storage solutions that reflect your taste and seamlessly integrate into your space. Whether it's a statement-making residential wine wall or a functional storage solution for businesses, our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life. From modern to traditional designs, we aim to elevate the way you store and showcase your wines.

At the forefront of Vino Spaces is our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Each product is made with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring longevity and a premium aesthetic. This commitment to excellence in both our products and services has established us as a trusted leader in Austin's wine storage industry.

Vino Spaces is more than just a wine storage provider; we're your partner in celebrating the art of wine collection. We invite you to discover our custom wine storage solutions and let us help you make your wine collection an integral part of your decor. With Vino Spaces, elevate your wine experience in a way that truly reflects the vibrant spirit of Austin.

Your Wine, Your Way – Custom Storage Solutions by Vino Spaces.

Custom Wine Racks

Step into a world where each bottle is celebrated - explore our gallery at Vino Spaces to see how innovation and elegance come together in our wine storage solutions.

Your Premier Choice for Wine Storage

Custom, Quality, Elegance.

Vino Spaces Austin Texas

Where Design Meets Functionality.



Give your beautiful wine collection a custom storage space to match

Discover the exceptional network of partners that enhance the Vino Spaces experience, each selected for their outstanding contributions to the art of wine storage and design.


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