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Custom Built Wine Storage, Racks, Cellars and Cabinets

Servicing Austin Texas

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

Showcase Your Collection

Distinctive Storage for Homes + Businesses

Exceptional Design + Craftsmanship

Custom Cellars for Unique Spaces

Where Austin's Wine Collections

Meet Custom Elegance.


Crafting Your Wine's Perfect Home – With Vino Spaces, Every Bottle Belongs.

Vino Spaces

"Experience Austin Texas's Best-Kept Secret!"

Discover Vino Spaces, where innovation and elegance come together to create state-of-the-art wine storage and display solutions. Perfect for both homes and businesses, their designs not only ensure optimal maturation of your collection but also transform each bottle into a stunning focal point of your space.

Founders Justin and Megan LaPree have transformed wine storage into an art form with Vino Spaces in Austin Texas. Their evolution from Wine Cellars Unlimited to Vino Spaces demonstrates a deep commitment to providing wine lovers with personalized storage that mirrors individual tastes and styles.

Vino Spaces stands out for its expert craftsmanship, offering custom wine racks and climate-controlled environments tailored to the preservation and presentation of your collection. Their dedication to quality and customer service has solidified their reputation in Austin, promising to turn your wine collection into a tailored showcase that marries your passion for wine with unparalleled design expertise.

Your Wine, Your Way – Custom Storage Solutions by Vino Spaces.

Custom Wine Racks

Step into a world where each bottle is celebrated - explore our gallery at Vino Spaces to see how innovation and elegance come together in our wine storage solutions.

Your Premier Choice for Wine Storage

Custom, Quality, Elegance.

Vino Spaces Austin Texas

Where Design Meets Functionality.



Give your beautiful wine collection a custom storage space to match

Discover the exceptional network of partners that enhance the Vino Spaces experience, each selected for their outstanding contributions to the art of wine storage and design.


We're proud to work with the best

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